Mat W

Tower Bridge Evening

Turbine Hall 2

Leaving the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern

Turbine Hall 1

The Turbine Hall at Tate Modern

Westminster Morning IR

Taken on a bright(ish) morning with an R72 (Infra red) filter on the camera, then coloured in photoshop

Morning mist

South East Bank

The weekend starts here


Ghosts of the rush hour

Yoof at the National

"Our work here is done..."

The Hall of Mammals


My, what a big tail you have (had)

Where it's at

Finishing touches...



Rev it up!

Early morning, Putney bridge

Beneath Waterloo 5

Beneath Waterloo 4

Beneath Waterloo 3

Beneath Waterloo 2

A slice of a different life...

Beneath Waterloo 1

Kings Cross 2

Kings Cross 1

Waterhouse 5 in Colour

Last one in this mini-set.

Waterhouse 2 in Colour

I haven't posted any colour pics on here, but someone said they would like to see a colour version of this one (previously posted as a B/W) - so voila.

Grey day on the Airline

A miserable day on the Emirates Airline cable car across the Thames

Battersea 1

Battersea Power Station from across the river

Quarter to eight

Parliament on a morning with a heavy sky. Taken of Fujicolor Pro 400H using a Fuji GA645Zi

Battersea 3


Sunday morning by the Albert Bridge; Leica R5, 50mm f2 and Kodacolor 200


"Crap TV"

Low Tide

Taking aim

Neo Bankside



Decorated by committee

Graffiti gold


Paternoster Square

Vanishing point...


Leake St.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Trafalgar evening

South Bank Centre 1

Welcome to 2014

City skyline

On a bright January lunchtime...



Early morning delivery

The vacant throne of the underworld

Under Waterloo station in London

Iron Man

Cool graffiti from my wander home...

Misty morning, Westminster Bridge

Taken on a misty walk into work. Slightly converging verticals at the edges but think it looks better than the corrected version. Re-upload as the first version has a big dust spot on it (D'oh)

Pink Tunnel

The Graffiti tunnel has gone predominantly pink...

Expanding roots

Day off in London. Mostly grey

High office

One stubborn pane...

A hidden corner of London

Under Waterloo station

Wide-eyed 1

Standing under the London Eye on a sunny May morning

Leake Street light beam 2

Morning sunshine in Leake Street underneath the tracks of Waterloo Station in London

Urban Fellowship

On oldie - a 2010 Autumn morning in Richmond Park